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Crawley Hospital

High performance Tamlite Lighting system installed at NHS Crawley Hospital.

Crawley Hospital, founded in 1967, services the busy town of Crawley in West Sussex. Offering a full complement of healthcare services, Crawley Hospital has undergone a widescale overhaul to the wards, corridors and offices. As part of this refurbishment, the lighting was identified as required a significant upgrade.

Building managers Morgan Sindall contacted CBG Consultants to deliver a specialised lighting scheme throughout the Stroke and Dove Wards. Tamlite Lighting was specified for the project.

Umar Azeer, CBG Consultant Associate, said, “We chose Tamlite for three key reasons, their product quality, good price, and the support that we know we get from the lighting engineer. We brought Neelkanth Sreekumar [the Tamlite Engineer] in to the London office, went over the requirements, and devised a plan for the new lighting scheme.”

The primary aim of the project was to achieve energy savings over the previous lighting system, as well as reduce maintenance costs for management team. However, the additional benefit afforded to Crawley Hospital was improved aesthetics, particularly important for the waiting rooms and patient areas.

Mick Allen, Project Manager at Morgan Sindall, commented, “We can see a big difference, both visually and economically. One of the main reasons we looked to change the lighting was to reduce running costs, and we can already see the savings that we will make.”

Advanced Lighting Controls

One of the key requirements in the wards was to provide dimming technology at night. The Tamlite luminaires are programmed to dim to 20% at night throughout the sleeping areas, but can be increased to full brightness when required.

In the nurse call stations, the lighting needed to be at full output through the day and night. Tamlite’s flexible Vision Lighting Controls provided the hospital with the exact lighting that was required.

Healthcare Lighting Solution

In the wards, Tamlite specified IP rated modules, ensuring they can be easily cleaned to maintain infection control, the main consideration for the lighting in a healthcare environment.

In waiting rooms, stylish downlights and linear modular fittings create a calming atmosphere for patients and visitors. Making people feel relaxed and at ease is crucial in hospitals, so the Tamlite system emphasises quality illumination in these areas.

Tamlite also delivered a wide-scale emergency lighting network, including signage and escape route lighting. This ensures that staff and patients can make their way out of the hospital in the event of a severe emergency or loss of mains power.

Mick Allen concluded by saying, “We are pleased with how it has turned out, everything that Neelkanth said he would deliver has been delivered. And we are very happy with the extended warranty that we get on the products as well, so that made it much easier for us to use Tamlite for this project.”

What we used
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