Vision Lighting Controls

Over the course of the last decade, the lighting industry has seen its objectives drastically change. Where once it was energy efficiency, lifespan and ease of install, the coming of LED made this much simpler. What Facilities Managers need from their lighting system now is control, flexibility and connectivity.

The latest lighting control networks deliver greater flexibility to designers, architects, contractors and end users, allowing enhanced management of their lighting network.

The overall aim is to enhance occupant wellbeing, minimise ongoing costs, and to collate and manage energy data. Whilst energy efficiency and maintenance costs are still of utmost importance, it has been recognised that lighting can, and should, do more. That is the essence of the latest lighting control systems.

Vision Smart

The UK Green Building Council says that of the buildings which will be occupied in 2050, 75% have already been built. This huge figure outlines the task set for future building and lighting systems – to be effective, the next generation of lighting must be applied to the buildings we operate in today.

Wireless systems are becoming the future of controlled lighting networks, offering far more than just energy savings. Browse our range of control systems to find the network that suits your facility, to see how your lighting can do more.

Vision Connect

Tamlite Vision Connect is a fully integrated, communicable lighting system. In a connected lighting system, each luminaire communicates with one another, to ensure that the lighting is fine-tuned to the exact requirements of the occupants or facility manager, giving you more control.


Tamlite Vision utilises the latest in occupancy sensing and daylight dimming technology, to light your space the way you want it. Through the use of PIR and microwave sensors, the output of Tamlite luminaires can be managed, to reduce the time of use.

Lighting controls and connected systems are revolutionising the way we light the world, and Tamlite Vision uses state of the art technology to provide the most flexible lighting design available.