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Vision Lighting Controls

Control of lighting is essential for the reduction of energy consumption, through sensors, control panels and lighting networks to ensure that luminaires are only on when they are needed, minimising energy usage.

Set the scene and choose your style with connected lighting. Tamlite Vision gives you total control of your lighting design, to increase focus for students and staff, enhance wellbeing for workers, and promote hero products in your retail store, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of sectors.


Tamlite Vision utilises the latest in occupancy sensing and daylight dimming technology, to light your space the way you want it. Through the use of PIR and microwave sensors, the output of Tamlite luminaires can be managed, to reduce the time of use.

Vision Connect

Tamlite Vision Connect is a fully integrated, communicable lighting system. In a connected lighting system, each luminaire communicates with one another, to ensure that the lighting is fine-tuned to the exact requirements of the occupants or facility manager, giving you more control.

Vision Smart

Tamlite Vision Smart is a wireless lighting system, capable of transforming the way that facility managers use buildings. The most innovative, intuitive control in the Tamlite Vision range, Smart provides customers with a holistic lighting system that can revolutionise your space.

Lighting controls and connected systems are revolutionising the way we light the world, and Tamlite Vision uses state of the art technology to provide the most flexible lighting design available.