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As with all of us, Tamlite Lighting has a vested interest in promoting good sustainability practice within the company and the wider lighting industry. Tamlite is one of the largest privately-owned UK manufacturers, so we have a responsibility to ensure our processes, technologies and products are in line with our commitment to ensuring a healthy planet for all.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.

At Tamlite, we want to help reach the targets set for net zero. We want to reduce; lowering the amount of waste produced, reuse; using materials repeatedly, recycle; using materials to make new products, and recover; recovering energy from waste. That is what we want to continue to do and improve on, whether it be in our design stage, production or delivery.

Award Winning in Sustainability

Tamlite have been won two sustainabilty awards in 2021. Named Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer of the Year at the Made in the Midlands Awards, and achieved the Circular Economy Intitiative award at the National Recycling Awards!

With help from our sister company The Waste Experts (EWRG), we have been able to continue to meet our corparate and social responsibilties and progress towards our Circular Economy aims.

Recycling Capabilities

Tamlite Environmental offers a complete recycling service when carrying out lighting projects and upgrades. We are committed to reducing landfill waste through specialist recycling means, ensuring that previous luminaires and lamps are effectively recycled and brought back into the Circular Economy, or are responsibly disposed of if required.

With over 2 million tonnes of electrical waste discarded every year, the need for efficient recycling is clear. Tamlite Environmental, in partnership with EWRG, has safely recycled over 75 million lamps since 2000, and continues to provide an outstanding WEEE recovery service today.

Blue is the new Green

We have only one planet, and it is critical that all of us take charge and do what we can to reduce our waste.

Recycling only goes so far. It is paramount that manufacturers and producers are more responsible, and design away non-essential plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their products and packaging, in order to reduce pollution in our rivers and oceans, as well as our reliance on landfill.

Take a look at how Tamlite dramatically reduced its reliance on plastic by investing in alternative sustainable packaging materials – saving more than 10,000kg in plastic in 12 months.

The Circular Economy

Tamlite has an experienced product design team, focused on creating luminaires that align with the principles of the Circular Economy.

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation, a leading figure within the Circular Economy, suggests that designing products with materials geared around longevity can reduce carbon emissions by over 40%.

Tamlite manufactures fittings that are built using quality materials, designed to ensure the internal components can be easily changed and maintained in situ. Tamlite’s CYCLONE range of industrial luminaires is exemplary in being easily maintained – the inner gear tray is accessible, so can be removed and replaced in situ when required, leaving the external body in place.

The UK Manufacturing Supply Chain

It is critical that manufacturers, designers and specifiers all take it upon themselves to carry out the most sustainable processes possible when delivering lighting solutions.

As a British manufacturer, Tamlite sources its materials from experienced local suppliers, and is well-placed to integrate with every link in the supply chain – from consultants and specifiers to contractors and end users to deliver sustainable lighting solutions.

Smart Lighting for Sustainable Buildings

80% of the worlds buildings that will be inhabited in 2050 have already been built. Sustainability and achieving carbon neutral, net-zero and circular economy targets over the next several decades must come from effective retrofit solutions.

As the most fundamental building service, the latest generation of smart lighting networks focus on delivering expansive wireless control of lighting systems, data collection and building management – all for the buildings in which we currently live, work and learn.

Our collective sustainability responsibility

Are you aware of your responsibilities when replacing lighting systems and undertaking lighting projects? Everyone in the supply chain is tasked with ensuring that the solutions provided to customers are sustainable, and that the replaced system is correctly stored, disposed and recycled.

Requirements include:

  • Compliant storage
  • Responsible disposal and processing
  • Up to date paperwork
  • Approved treatment partner

Tamlite is calling upon contractors to review their current processes regarding WEEE waste, to make sure that we are all behaving responsibly, and to ensure compliance across the board. Download our free checklist, to make sure your next project is fully compliant.


Environmental & Sustainability Policy

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