New ways to save energy in warehouse lighting

British manufacturing strength delivers new ways to save energy in warehouse lighting in 2014 and beyond
Home-grown innovation in the sphere of warehouse lighting has gone from strength to strength in 2014, with Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, developing specialist solutions for demanding warehouse environments.

The jewel in the crown is Tamlite’s MICRO LED batten, which was launched this year to provide the same glare-free light quality as the traditional fluorescent batten, but with the energy-efficiency and technological advances of LED.
“Tamlite has a long history of innovation in the industrial lighting arena,” comments Colin Lawson, Head of Sales, Marketing & Product Development at Tamlite. “With 9 factories in the Midlands, 400 UK distribution outlets, and strong, British-based R&D capability, Tamlite is dedicated to designing products that truly fit the needs of warehouse managers. As a company, we’ve invested £4m over the last three years. And, this year, we’ve increased our number of personnel in product design and continued to prioritise cutting-edge R&D.”

MICRO LED is a key example of this cutting-edge R&D. Designed and manufactured at Tamlite’s sites in the Midlands, the MICRO LED brings the traditional batten into the modern age, with high-performance LED technology that boasts a lifespan of 50,000 hours. What’s more, this is LED without compromise: the clever design of the MICRO LED provides precise optical control of the light distribution, which minimises the problem of glare.

In 2014, Tamlite’s hugely-successful HILUX lighting range has also continued to evolve. Designed to provide glare-free light in warehouses that use high racking, the third-generation fluorescent HILUX system has been joined by HILUX-LED, which incorporates Philips LED modules.

“Tamlite is continually looking for new ways to help our customers to save energy,” says Tamlite’s Colin Lawson. “It’s not just a new lighting system that delivers these energy savings. Good lighting design is also an important part of the equation, which is why we also offer a design service and technical support.”

“We’re not resting on our laurels, either,” he adds. “We have even more great products in development for the warehouse market coming for 2015. Ours is an industry that’s unfortunately renowned for slow lead times in terms of product development – but we’re changing all that. We’re achieving phenomenal turnaround times for new products: looking at what the market needs and creating an answer to it very rapidly. Watch this space.”

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