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Paynes Ford Garage, Hinckley

Ford focus on new lighting solution at Hinckley branch saving 65% on running costs pa! Ford is one of the most well known car manufacturers in the world. A global brand based on dependability and reliability, their vehicles are hugely popular in Britain, with three of the top ten best selling cars in the UK being Ford models. Paynes of Hinckley is a showroom, garage and workshop, where cars are sold as well as serviced. It has a 24-hour workshop, used for cars, vans and trucks. It is important that the facilities allow their mechanics to work safely and efficiently. At the Paynes of Hinckley site, the lighting system was inadequate in the workshop area, not providing enough light for mechanics to operate on the vehicles. James Coss, Branch Manager at CEF Hinckley, recommended Tamlite Lighting products for the project. He commented, “Antiquated lighting caused high maintenance costs and low lux levels, which needed to improve.” The recommended lighting levels in vehicle technician workshops is around 500 lux. This provides enough light for mechanics to work on the vehicles and heavy machinery safely. The previous light fittings did not provide this level of illumination, so it was important that the lux levels were increased, without dazzling workers.

Lighting Upgrade Tamlite supplied a range of products at the site, with lighting solutions for a number of different areas. The diversity of Tamlite’s lighting solutions meant that the right product was supplied for each environment. • The workshop and garage needed high output luminaires to provide enough light for workers to be safe and productive. • The outdoor forecourt holds many vehicles, and the long opening hours means that the space needs to be illuminated enough to display the cars, even at night. • The offices and desk-spaces were fitted with low glare options, to ensure that workers were comfortable with non-intrusive light. Tamlite EXPO lighting solutions were installed in the workshop and garage. In conjunction with the skylights at the site, this created a significantly safer environment in the workspace. The increased light levels have made a huge difference to the industrial spaces. The previous luminaires were temperamental which meant they were increasingly expensive to maintain. The new LED light fittings will lead to significant cost and time savings on maintenance. The outdoor forecourt area was illuminated with the MARINER floodlight range, installed on the top of the buildings at the site to illuminate the large space. This allows opening hours to increase, as the outdoor vehicles can be seen at night. Security has also been increased through the use of MARINER fittings, with even light distribution across the entire site. The installation of appropriate LED outdoor lights is recommended for use alongside security cameras; Security cameras rely on a minimum of 20-30 lux in order to function effectively. The MARINER is a high output luminaire, providing sufficient lighting for cameras to work. The even light distribution provides better colour image capture, removes light and dark spots, making it less easy for those wishing to lurk in the shadows! The MARINER is IP65 rated, so can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. It is therefore more resistant to natural wear and tear than many other luminaires, increasing the life time of the fixture, thus reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The high specification includes a marine-grade coated aluminium body, providing the highest levels of corrosion resistance. The offices and customer areas of the garage were supplied with MODLED LG modules. These are designed to reduce glare in offices, using I TECH diffusers to prevent intrusive light, providing employees with a comfortable working environment. The lighting solutions supplied were fitted with Tamlite Vision Connect control options, which lower the lighting levels when the room is unoccupied. This increases energy efficiency, by not using the lights when they are not required. John Davey, Dealer Principal at Paynes of Hinckley, commented, “We are very happy with the outcomes, the light levels achieved are like having daylight 24/7.” Multiple Benefits As well as the significant increase in lux levels at the site, the new lighting solution at Ford has other benefits. The reduction in maintenance costs are evident. James Coss commented, “The previous lighting system required access equipment to replace lamps in floodlights and high-level light fittings.” The use of LED fittings has also led to significant energy savings for Ford Paynes of Hinckley. Reducing energy consumption is important for any business, and Ford is no different. James Coss said, “As one of the leading names in car manufacturing, reducing carbon emissions is part of the Ford global strategy.” The total energy savings for Ford Paynes of Hinckley over their previous installation was 65%, saving them over £17,000 per year on running costs. This means that as well as improving the lighting output at the site, the energy efficiency has improved as well. Click to also see Industrial or Office application images of this project

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