Finbarr Galvin Ltd, County Cork
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Finbarr Galvin Ltd, County Cork

Tamlite Lighting created an aesthetically stunning showroom in County Cork car dealership, Finbarr Galvin Ltd.

Finbarr Galvin Ltd is a family run car dealership, founded in 1975 in County Cork. The business recently expanded from its dual Skoda and Seat dealership to a second location, the Finbarr Galvin Car Centre, selling a wide range of used cars.

This second site, in Bandon, County Cork, was completely refurbished with a contemporary, premium style, providing customers with a “new car” atmosphere and level of customer service when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

In accordance with this new design, the lighting system throughout the building was overhauled and upgraded to bring the best out of the showroom. Tamlite Lighting were commissioned to deliver the lighting solution, and supplied luminaires for the showroom, building entrance and outdoor spaces.

Lighting for Retail

Tamlite offered a range of luminaires to Finbarr Galvin Ltd. They selected the REVO FOCUS, with its superior optical performance, this luminaire is designed with a wide range of beam angles ideal for the project. The carefully selected optics were chosen to suit the showroom, putting the focus on the cars, rather than on the ground.

The REVO was also chosen for its sleek, cutting-edge aesthetic style, giving an air of quality to the showroom, complementing the prestige car brands on offer. The Car Centre is designed to reach a specific section of the market, aimed at more high-end brands and customers, so required a lighting solution to match.

In many ways, the REVO was the perfect luminaire for illuminating prestige cars at the showroom: combining its innovative aesthetic design with outstanding performance and powerful light engine under the bonnet.

Outdoor Lighting Solution

In addition to the indoor showroom, the role of the external lighting at the showroom is to boost security. Finbarr Galvin Ltd utilised the TAURUS bulkhead, with its superior light distribution. As a result, fewer fittings were required to achieve excellent light coverage.

The TAURUS has a wide beam optic, providing enhanced directional illumination, boosting security and providing a feeling of safety to staff and visitors during the darker months.

Emergency Lighting

The REVO FOCUS, range includes an integral emergency lighting version. This ensures the escape route out of the building is illuminated in the event of an emergency or a loss of mains power, in accordance with BS 5266.

Utilising an integrated emergency lighting system was crucial for Finbarr Galvin Ltd. As vital emergency lighting was installed throughout the building, there was no need for dedicated fittings, maintaining the visual aesthetic.

All Tamlite Sales Engineers are LIA certified, and our Lighting Design team have 100 combined years of experience in lighting design. As members of RELUX, they are able to design bespoke project solutions.

If you have specific lighting requirements in your retail store, see how our Technical Lighting Team can help you.

What we used
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