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Sandwell Council House, Oldbury

Sandwell Council House is home to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands. The building houses several offices and working spaces for a range of departments managing local authority services around Sandwell.

The building is undergoing plans for total refurbishment, focused on rationalising and maximising office space to create a more contemporary working environment together with flexible working conditions which will enable culture change, and central to achieving this was a significant upgrade to the lighting system in the offices.

Tamlite Lighting was part of the pilot project encompassing Urban Design, Highways, Planning, Asset Management and Leisure Services. The lighting system, room design and layout underwent a major overhaul, as part of the overall objective to improve working conditions.

Agile Working Environment

An agile working approach was introduced giving employees the option to locate at any available desk or table suitable for their work. This, in conjunction with a new lighting system, gives employees a workspace that provides a much better collaborative environment, allowing them to stay focused on tasks for longer.

Tony Davies, Project Manager at Sandwell Council House, commented, “As a local council, we take employee wellbeing seriously. We have over 200 people in this office alone, and the Tamlite lighting design team understood and developed a lighting scheme that complemented our agile working plan.”

Tall windows encase the large office, providing an abundance of natural light, which is a major benefit in terms of people’s wellbeing at work. The human circadian rhythm is strongly linked to the intensity level and colour temperature of natural light. People will feel more alert, active and, as a result, can feel further productive when exposed to more natural light.

The new lighting system works in conjunction with the natural level of illumination. Fittings with photocell receptors were specified, reducing the intensity of the luminaires when natural light levels increase. This ensures that daylight is still the main source of illumination for occupants, however in the darker months the ambient light adapts accordingly in concert with the installed fixtures.

Tony Davies said, “The new lighting system has received a lot of positive comments, people have said that it feels much brighter in the office now. Plus, the fittings themselves look great, more than just a flat panel, giving a bit of character to the room and creating a more visually pleasing environment.”

The use of daylight harvesting photocell controls, on top of the initial switch to LED, ensures that energy consumption has been significantly reduced. “We have an energy policy at Sandwell - for example we have used sustainable materials throughout the office - and the energy savings associated with LED lighting made the decision for us. Tamlite’s quality luminaires and warranty made it easy to choose them for the project,” said Tony Davies.

Keen to promote circular economy and sustainability, Tamlite luminaires can be maintained far beyond the warranty, ensuring long-term, quality lighting solutions.

Emergency Lighting

With such a large open plan office and over 200 employees to keep safe, ensuring that the emergency lighting systems were upgraded throughout Sandwell Council House was paramount.

The emergency lighting system was upgraded throughout the offices. In addition to emergency exit signs, recessed emergency downlights were installed around the working spaces and meeting rooms. The right emergency lighting ensures that people remain calm and quickly exit the building in the event of a severe emergency, such as a fire.

Emergency lighting can also be used to allow people to continue working inside the building in the event of a power cut or non-threatening loss of mains power.

As the large office space is substantially above 60m2, it requires an illumination level of 0.5 lux on the ground in order for people to quickly identify and make their way to escape routes. High output emergency luminaires highlight escape routes for occupants, ensuring that the building is a safe place to work.

All Tamlite Sales Engineers are LIA certified, and our Technical Design team have over 100 combined years of experience in lighting design. As members of RELUX, they are able to design bespoke project solutions.

As a BAFE certified company, Tamlite Lighting emergency lighting system designs are confirmed to be compliant with British emergency lighting standards, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Tamlite is also a member of the ICEL (Industry Committee of Emergency Lighting), a division of the LIA, representing the highest level of legislation in terms of luminaire quality, specialising in emergency lighting.

If you have specific lighting requirements in your office facility, see how our Technical Lighting Team can help you.

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