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Celesio UK, Coventry

Celesio UK, part of McKesson Europe, is a leading provider of integrated healthcare services to the NHS, specialising in medicines, pharmaceutical care and primary care patient services. From their UK head office in Sapphire Court, Coventry, Celesio UK manage a range of integrated health services in community pharmacies, hospitals and care homes.
The Sapphire Court site is a large building, containing wide open plan offices, a canteen, meeting rooms and communal areas. As a thriving business moving at pace, facilities are geared towards providing the ideal working environment for staff, aiding wellbeing and productivity.

With a significant number of employees, working in a large office can lead to a feeling of being cramped and crowded. This was addressed recently following a major refurbishment and lighting upgrade where Tamlite Lighting was specified.

The new lighting design enhances the office layout, provides long-term energy savings and contributes to staff wellbeing. This has been achieved through a Tamlite Vision Lighting Control solution, using the DALI-enabled Vision Connect range.

Vision Connect gives facility managers the freedom and control to create the optimal working environment for offices. A connected system ensures that staff are comfortable, productive, and stay focused for longer.
The meeting rooms at Celesio UK are used for a wide range of activities, from hosting visitors to staff meetings. Therefore, the lighting needs to reflect this and be flexible to accommodate.

Energy Savings

Significant energy savings were achieved with Vision Connect DALI Daylight. Daylight harvesting monitors the natural light and automatically adapts throughout the day, to ensure that the light levels remain consistent throughout their open plan office, only lighting when and where it is needed, providing a significant reduction on energy consumption.

Emergency Lighting

Celesio UK are responsible for the safety of their staff, so quality emergency lighting was paramount. Emergency lighting ensures that there is sufficient illumination for their employees to vacate the building quickly, in the event of an emergency or a loss of mains power.

Tamlite recessed emergency light fittings were installed, as well as a range of luminaires with integrated emergency. These are particularly important in corridors and stairwells, to ensure that people are able to see as they make their way out of the building. Emergency luminaires at Celesio UK were designed to be subtle, blending into the interior design, ensuring that they are visually pleasing as well as functional.

Following completion of the project, staff are very happy with the outcome of the lighting upgrade. Nigel Bloxidge, Head Office Services Manager at Celesio UK, said, “The brief has been fully achieved and the building users are extremely happy with the lighting scheme.”

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What we used
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