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TAURUS – Lighting for performance and security..

Bespoke optical design for dark sky performance in exterior wall applications with a reduction in light pollution.

Light pollution occurs when light is emitted into the atmosphere and reflects off of dust, water vapour and particles in the air. TAURUS achieves an Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR) of less than 2% due to intelligently designed optics, ensuring that no light is wasted, or intrudes upon surrounding properties. Its photocell receptor option ensures that light output reduces as natural illumination levels increase, dramatically reducing energy consumption.

High performance optic

Light that is directed on areas of interest provides visible spatial depth, aiding the feeling of safety and safe navigation. The high-performance optic of the TAURUS allows maximum of 15m spacing at 3m mounting height

Three lumen outputs

Comes with a choice of three lumen outputs, to illuminate your space how you need. Each output option combines energy efficiency with minimised light pollution to provide the ideal exterior lighting solution.

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Lighting for Dark Sky

The ecology and behaviour of nocturnal animals can be significantly disrupted by artificial light, but the downward light angle of the TAURUS ensures that light pollution can be a thing of the past

Revolutionising urban lighting

The TAURUS achieves over 138 Lm/W efficacy, less than 2% ULOR and has an IP65 rating making it resistant to a range of weather conditions

Case studies featuring the TAURUS

Finbarr Galvin

The TAURUS was installed at car dealership, Finbarr Galvin, in County Cork, Ireland. Read more on the Finbarr Galvin project.

Swindon Town Foundation Park

At Swindon Town Foundation Park, the TAURUS was installed in the exterior spaces around the charity building. Read more on the project.

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