SLL on Circadian Lighting

The Society of Light and Lighting has released a position statement, outlining its stance on “Circadian Lighting”.

Tamlite embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of the possible benefits of lighting for wellbeing, which is supported by the SLL statement. The latest lighting technology, particularly when supported by a quality lighting design, has reported significant benefits in terms of wellbeing.

The statement indicates that, while there is still further research to be carried out in order to produce a quantifiable metric for the impact of artificial light on the circadian rhythm, current research suggests that lighting does have an impact on our wellbeing.

While it is clear that there are plenty of external factors that can influence a person’s circadian rhythm, lighting plays a significant part. A lighting design that utilises high quality luminaires from a credible lighting manufacturer can deliver the right lighting solution to provide the ideal working environment for staff.

We look forward to seeing the result of the research outlined in the statement, carried out by the SLL, CIBSE and the Building Research Establishment (BRE), which is due for completion in 2019, understanding the comparable effects of both fluorescent and tunable LED lighting on health and wellbeing.

Read the full SLL Position Statement here.

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HomeLet Case Study