Before and After LED Lighting Part 1: Retail

LED lighting products are changing the way spaces are illuminated. In comparison to fluorescent fittings, LED solutions are significantly more energy efficient, as well as producing a higher output. By making the switch to LED fittings, environments can become more visually appealing without increasing energy consumption.

At the Welsh Water Visitors Centre in the Elan Valley, the lighting system previously used fluorescent spotlights. These spotlights highlighted important information on boards around the room, but did not provide the room with complete light distribution. The lights were attached to a linear track and spot system around the visitors’ centre, and required an upgrade to accentuate the features of the building.

Tamlite’s I LINE system was implemented, and the complexion of the building changed dramatically. The information boards were still bright, as they were positioned directly below the narrow beam I LINE fittings, but now the whole room is illuminated. The difference is evident, and demonstrates how Tamlite LED solutions can reinvigorate an existing lighting system. The room has become more attractive and inviting, demonstrating the power that lighting can have in a building.

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