Before and After LED Lighting Part 2: Office

The switch to LED lighting can yield exceptional improvements in office environments in term of enhanced illumination, reduced maintenance and a significant boost to energy efficiency.

The move to the latest generation of LED lighting from traditional sources such as fluorescent or halogen, or even the early LED luminaires, is being recognised and implemented in office buildings throughout the country, but still 4 in 5 facilities are yet to upgrade.

Tamlite Lighting specified an LED lighting solution at the Celesio UK head office, in Coventry. This consisted of replacing the existing fluorescent fittings with high performance Tamlite luminaires, throughout the open plan office, meeting rooms and corridors.

As the images demonstrate (below), the new system has led to vastly improved illumination across the entire building, particularly notable in the smaller rooms and corridors, where fewer fittings could be installed, still leading to a much-improved level of illumination.

Before After

The MODLED LG was utilised throughout the site, delivering high output, low glare illumination for employees, reducing shadowing and glare to enhance comfort and wellbeing, and as a result, boost productivity.

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