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Lighting for Retail & Leisure

Tamlite has developed modern, efficient lighting systems that show retail stores and their merchandise, as well as leisure destinations and their facilities, in the best possible light.
Whether the priority is energy efficiency, lamp lifespan or pure aesthetics, there is now an extensive portfolio of retail and leisure lighting solutions which will help operators achieve these goals.
And, all of this made possible, without compromising on the excellent light quality which is essential in places where the customer is 'king'.

White wall
Sales Floor
Window Display

Lighting for White wall

Well designed and lit wall displays in stores and leisure facilities help to create an essential part of the brand experience. Interior walls can be used for branding or 'inspirational' images, or for product display. Wall-washing lighting techniques combined with spotlighting on 'hero' products, help a store or leisure facility highlight its key attractions.

Lighting for Sales Floor

On the sales floor retailers need modern, efficient lighting that delivers on two levels: On one hand, is the requirement for maximum efficacy, efficiency and aesthetics. On the other, it is important to minimise shop-floor downtime and disruptive maintenance procedures.

Lighting for Window Display

Tamlite understands the key role store windows play in setting the scene, highlighting products and drawing shoppers into the store itself. Well designed lighting enhances displays, giving 'starring roles' to products showcased using mannequins, hangers and shelving in the most eye-catching way.

Lighting for Signage

Signage plays different roles within the retail and leisure environments. From storefront branding, to wayfinding and essential emergency signage, well designed, appropriately specified lighting enhances rather than detracts. Modern signage has developed from a basic use of energy-hungry flourescents or halogens, neon, or intrusive, harsh lights with unattractive glare. It now incorporates energy-efficient, programmable, customisable LED systems, enabling designers and specifiers to create ambience and atmosphere from the moment a potential customer sees the venue.

Lighting for Restaurants

Well-designed restaurant lighting has multiple roles to fulfil – ranging from functional to aesthetics and experiential. Lighting can be finely-tuned to compliment a food outlet's own distinct character or brand - from bright and breezy cafe or diner, to warm and intimate high-end dining. A cleverly designed and controllable scheme is also one of the easiest ways to create contrasting zones and spaces that work in harmony with the ‘mood’, ambience and occupancy levels.

Lighting for Reception/Lobby

Lighting in a reception area plays an important role for making shoppers, diners or visitors welcome, aiding the transition from outside to inside the heart of the venue itself. Well designed and specified lighting 'sets the scene' and helps to create the right first impression.

Case studies

Our retail and leisure sector experts can work with you at every stage of your lighting specification process. We understand your business needs and we have designed a portfolio of retail and leisure solutions to deliver on these requirements. Every product we sell is rigorously tested to ensure its suitability for your specific needs.