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Recessed sealed T5 or T8 modules
  • TYPHOON T5 Prismatic acrylic panel  product photograph
  • TYPHOON T5 Prismatic acrylic panel  line drawing

Information downloads

Order code Description kgA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Cut out
TSM1532352 x 35W T56.315083051001495 x 265
TSM1232282 x 28W T55.812083051001165 x 265
TSM1263283 x 28W T59.512086121001165 x 595
TSM1264284 x 28W T59.812086121001165 x 595
TSM663143 x 14W T54.7612612100565 x 565
TSM664144 x 14W T55.0612612100565 x 565


Product features
  • Recessed sealed module for areas where a high degree of protection is required
  • Rated IP54 from underside of ceiling
  • Ideal for kitchens, changing rooms and other areas where splash protection is required
  • High frequency control gear

  • Steel body finished in white (RAL 9016)
  • Prismatic acrylic panel fixed within a steel frame

To specify

Recessed sealed IP54 module as per Tamlite TYPHOON range supplied with prismatic panel

Installation notes

Recessed lay-in for exposed 25mm ceiling grid. Brackets available for plasterboard mount. Frame available for metal pan ceilings

Gear options

HFR - High frequency analogue dimming
HFD - Digital dimmable version
PWT Pre-wired versions

Emergency options

M3 - 3 hours integrated emergency
A3 - Emergency self test