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Recessed sealed module
  • TX VDT VDT product photograph
  • TX-PP Prismatic polycarbonate product photograph
  • TX-OG Opal glass product photograph
  • TX-OP Opal polycarbonate product photograph
  • TX VDT VDT line drawing

Information downloads

Order code Description kgA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Cut out
TSMXP2352 x 35W T512.202971497751480
TSMXP2282 x 28W T57.302971197751180
TSMXP4144 x 14W T58.6059559575580


Product features
  • Sealed to IP65 rating for medical and cleanrooms
  • Wide range of diffusers
  • Driver gear options of DALI and Emergency

  • Steel body finished in white (RAL 9016)
  • Self-tightening fixing clips
  • Glass, VDT, micro-prism, opal or prismatic polycarbonate diffuser options
  • Silicone gasket

To specify

Recessed IP65 LED module with opal diffuser as per Tamlite TX range

Installation notes

Recessed lay-in for exposed 25mm ceiling grid. Brackets available for plasterboard mount. Frame available for metal pan ceilings

Gear options

HFR - High frequency analogue dimming
HFD - Digital dimmable version

Emergency options

M3 - 3 hours integrated emergency
A3 - Emergency self test


O - Opal diffuser
MPRM - Micro-prism diffuser
PRIS - Prismatic diffuser
VDT - Polished aluminium VDT (LG7 2005) louvre
G - Glass cover