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Canopy luminaire with acrylic pyramid lens
  • TROJAN ACRY LARGE Recessed canopy product photograph
  • TROJAN Recessed canopy product photograph
  • TROJAN ACRY LARGE Recessed canopy line drawing

Information downloads

Order code Description kgA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Cut out
TRCP70S1 x 70W SON/E(I)5.25335335190295 x 295
TRCP400S1 x 400W SON/T18.65695695230575 x 575
TRCP150S1 x 150W SON/T17695695230575 x 575
TRCL400S1 x 400W SON/T20.2695695230575 x 575
TRCP250S1 x 250W SON/T17.5695695230575 x 575
TRCL250S1 x 250W SON/T18.95695695230575 x 575
TRCL150S1 x 150W SON/T17.5695695230575 x 575

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Product features
  • Suitable for under canopy lighting
  • Accurate light distribution from prismatic lens version
  • IP54 from underside (when installed)
  • Available in 2 body sizes

  • Steel body finished in white
  • Acrylic pyramid lens
  • Adjustable side arm supports secure recessed body into void
  • Integral driver

To specify

Recessed under-canopy luminaire with opal panel as per Tamlite TROJAN range

Installation notes

Recessed fix into ceiling aperture and supported via side arm fixing brackets