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Aluminium lighting columns
  • TC LIGHTING COLUMNS HD 6 Metre product photograph
  • TCA LIGHTING COLUMNS 3.5 Metre product photograph

Information downloads

Order code Description lm W lm/W kgA (mm)B (mm)c (mm)
TC8MLD6000mm Medium duty---85.006000898
TC6M6000mm Light duty steel---51.006000766
TC5M5000mm Light duty steel---40.005000765
TC4M4000mm Light duty steel---33.004000764
TC3M3000mm Heavy duty steel---28.003000763
TC8MHD8000mm Heavy duty steel---100.0080001148
TC6MHD6000mm Heavy duty steel---68.006000896


Product features
  • Hot dipped galvanised to BSEN 150 1461:2009
  • Tapered conical design
  • Traditional tubular style with semi-flush door
  • Smooth anodised finish
  • Wide range of brackets and spigots available
  • Note: Wind speed and environmental conditions vary greatly across the British Isles. It is therefore vital to consult with Tamlite Technical to obtain correct advice on column selection (Light, medium or heavy duty steel)

  • Mild galvanised steel or aluminium alloy tubing
  • Designed to BS5649 series 1300
  • Root section externally bitumen coated

To specify

Steel or aluminium lighting column as per Tamlite TC range

Installation notes

Root mounted to planting depth shown via flange plate and bolt-template