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T5 slimline batten
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Information downloads

Order code Description kgA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
TL141 x 14W T50.755755073
TL2142 x 14W T50.95755373
TL281 x 28W T51.2511755073
TL2282 x 28W T51.4511755373
TL351 x 35W T51.514755073
TL2352 x 35W T51.7514755373
TL391 x 39W T5 high output1.08755073
TL2392 x 39W T5 high output1.158755373
TL491 x 49W T5 high output1.2514755073
TL2492 x 49W T5 high output1.4514755373
TL541 x 54W T5 high output1.2511755073
TL2542 x 54W T5 high output1.4511755373
TL801 x 80W T5 high output1.514755073
TL2802 x 80W T5 high output1.7514755373

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Product features
  • T5 lamp technology
  • Compact, modern design
  • Available in single and twin lamps (supplied)
  • Full range of accessories and lamp options
  • Point for point replacement of existing 8ft batten
  • Also available in High output versions

  • Steel body finished in white (RAL 9016)
  • Polycarbonate reeded diffuser optional
  • High frequency control gear as standard
  • Branded lamps and control gear

To specify

T5 fluorescent batten as per Tamlite MICRO T5 range

Installation notes

Surface mount via rear entry BESA fixings or suspended via wire suspension

Vision options

V205 - Batten-fit PIR
V206 - Batten-fit PIR and photocell
V207 - Batten-fit with daylight dimming