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Circular cast bulkhead
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Information downloads

Order code Description kgC (mm)Diameter
HURL2612 x 26W PL-C - PLAIN4.1130350
HUR1811 x 18W PL-C - PLAIN2.175275
HUR21812 x 18W PL-C - PLAIN2.275275
HUR1311 x 13W PL-C - PLAIN2.175275
HUR21312 x 13W PL-C - PLAIN2.275275
HUR601GLS (BC) 60W max - PLAIN2.175275
HURL3811 x 38W 2D - PLAIN4.3130350
HURL2811 x 28W 2D - PLAIN4.2130350
HUR1611 x 16W 2D - PLAIN2.175275
HURL2622 x 26W PL-C - GRILLE4.4145350
HUR1821 x 18W PL-C - GRILLE2.485275
HUR21822 x 18W PL-C - GRILLE2.685275
HUR1321 x 13W PL-C - GRILLE2.485275
HUR21322 x 13W PL-C - GRILLE2.685275
HURL3821 x 38W 2D - GRILLE4.6145350
HURL2821 x 28W 2D - GRILLE4.5145350
HUR1621 x 16W 2D - GRILLE2.485275
HURL2632 x 26W PL-C - EYELID4.4135350
HUR1831 x 18W PL-C - EYELID2.480275
HUR21832 x 18W PL-C - EYELID2.680275
HUR1331 x 13W PL-C - EYELID2.480275
HUR21332 x 13W PL-C - EYELID2.680275
HUR603GLS (BC) 60W max - EYELID2.280275
HURL3831 x 38W 2D - EYELID4.6135350
HURL2831 x 28W 2D - EYELID4.5135350
HUR1631 x 16W 2D - EYELID2.480275
HURL2642 x 26W PL-C - CROSS4.2145350
HUR1841 x 18W PL-C - CROSS2.285275
HUR21842 x 18W PL-C - CROSS2.385275
HUR1341 x 13W PL-C - CROSS2.285275
HUR21342 x 13W PL-C - CROSS2.385275
HUR604GLS (BC) 60W max - CROSS4.785275
HURL3841 x 38W 2D - CROSS4.4145350
HURL2841 x 28W 2D - CROSS4.3145350
HUR1641 x 16W 2D - CROSS2.285275

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Product features
  • Designed for exterior use
  • Suitable for vandal resistant areas
  • Integral emergency option
  • Wide range of lamp options
  • Plain, grill, eyelid and cross styles available
  • Gear options including dimmable and emergency are available

  • Aluminium body finished in black (RAL 9011)
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
  • Fitted with security screws as standard

To specify

Circular vandal resistant exterior bulkhead as per Tamlite HURRICANE range supplied with lamp

Installation notes

Surface mount via rear fixing holes and wired via rear cable entry