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High output low bay/high bay
  • EXPO LED low bay product photograph
  • EXPO LED low bay product photograph
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  • EXPO With sensor line drawing

Order code Description lm W lm/W kgA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
EXP630WBNW45W - 4000K6300451404.1056038085
EXP950WBNW60W - 4000K9600601604.4056038085
EXP1200WBNW78W - 4000K12100781554.5056038085
EXP1630WBNW112W - 4000K164001121464.5056038085
EXP1800WBNW119W - 4000K183001191544.5056038085
EXP2100WBNW138W - 4000K210001381524.9056038085
EXP2400WBNW164W - 4000K241001641474.9056038085
EXP2600WBNW177W - 4000K260001771474.9056038085
EXP2800WBNW198W - 4000K281001981424.9056038085
EXP3200WBNW231W - 4000K320002311394.9056038085


Product features
  • Suitable for sports halls, industrial and warehousing areas up to 20m mounting height
  • IP65 version also available
  • Can save up to 60% energy
  • Tamlite I-Tech optic designed for high optical control
  • Gear options including dimmable, DALI and emergency available
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Up to 160 lumens per Watt efficacy
  • 50,000 hours lifetime (L70/B50)

  • Steel body finished in white
  • Supplied with integral driver(s)
  • Supplied as standard with neutral white (4000K) LED

To specify

High bay / low bay luminaire with 4 or 6 module array as per Tamlite EXPO range

Installation notes

Fixed via rear suspension holes and wired via plug-in 3 pole terminal block

Vision options

V102 - Fixed output PIR sensor with photocell
V103 - Dimmable remote PIR sensor

Gear options

D - Dimmable DALI

Emergency options

M3 - 3 hours integrated emergency
A3 - Emergency self test
D3 - DALI self test

Colour options

CW - Cool white (5000K)
DL - Daylight (6500K)


NB - Narrow beam
HR – High Rack
UHR – Ultra High Rack