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High performance LED floodlight, asymmetric or double asymmetric
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Order code Description lm W lm/W kgA (mm)B (mm)c (mm)
EXPFLDA480NW40W - 4000K4800401204.330835982
EXPFLA480NW40W - 4000K4800401204.330835982
EXPFLDA720NW60W - 4000K7200601204.530835982
EXPFLA720NW60W - 4000K7200601204.530835982
EXPFLDA1250NW100W - 4000K125001001256.336641383
EXPFLA1250NW100W - 4000K125001001256.336641383
EXPFLDA1800NW150W - 4000K180001501206.836641383
EXPFLA1800NW150W - 4000K180001501206.836641383
EXPFLDA2400NW200W - 4000K240002001208.646245287
EXPFLA2400NW200W - 4000K240002001208.646245287
EXPFLDA2800NW240W - 4000K280002401178.946245287
EXPFLA2800NW240W - 4000K280002401178.946245287
Product features
  • High performance floodlight suitable for car parking and sports applications
  • Range of 6 different outputs in 3 body sizes
  • Choice of asymmetric or double asymmetric beam angles
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Up to 125 lumens per Watt efficacy
  • 50,000 hours lifetime (L70/B50)

  • Die-cast aluminium body finished in grey (RAL 9006)
  • Fully adjustable stirrup
  • Glass cover
  • Integral driver
  • Supplied as standard with neutral white (4000K) LED

To specify

High performance LED floodlight, as per Tamlite ‘EXPLORER’ range

Installation notes

Fixed via stirrup bracket and wired via rear cable entry, multiple bracketry is available for wall and column mount.