Transforming Industrial Spaces

Stephen Biggs, Technical Manager at Tamlite Lighting, explains how the latest lighting technology has the power and versatility to transform industrial spaces.

The warehouse, storage and logistics sector has experienced growth like never before. As ‘e-tailers’ and traditional merchants ramp up their internet business, demand for warehouse space is surging. Indeed, take up of UK logistics space in the third quarter of 2020 surpassed the record-breaking levels already achieved in the previous three months. And the Midlands is at the heart of this demand. Figures from CBRE’s latest United Kingdom Logistics Market Update show that whilst demand is spread evenly across the UK, the East Midlands leads the way with a 21.1% increase in take-up, closely followed by the West Midlands at 20%.

As the sector grows, one of the biggest problems facing business leaders in this sector is the conflict between managing overheads in the face of rising energy prices (and the need to reduce carbon emissions). There is also an emphasis on maintaining employee safety and productivity, as well as general wellbeing. Lighting can play a key role in achieving this, yet sadly it can often be overlooked as a solution.

When you consider that people receive about 85% of their information through their sense of sight, it’s not hard to understand the need for well-designed lighting. With lighting accounting for more than 40% of a site’s energy bill, money is often wasted on poorly-designed systems that don’t consider the multitude of activities that often happen under one roof.

Whilst some organisations may be swayed by lighting solutions that offer the best financial savings, there is far more to consider. The type of lighting needed across the building will be different depending on the specific work environment and role.

LED solution

Fortunately, today’s LED lighting technology is not only highly efficient, but it also offers a vast array of possibilities thanks to its versatility; it can be designed to suit every location and task whilst significantly improving employee alertness, productivity and wellbeing, wherever they are working.

Whether it is a vast production area, an assembly line or a communal area, Tamlite understands how to deliver the right light to suit the space. For example, our Expo range is a truly versatile solution for industrial settings. One of its major benefits is that it has been designed for high optical control with a wide range of beam angles, ensuring it can be specialised for a variety of applications.

Modern lighting systems are a valuable investment for industrial buildings as they bring about a multitude of positive changes. When visual comfort is enhanced, workers are not only safer, they are more alert, accurate and have an improved sense of wellbeing. In addition, not only is it easier to manage but reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency. A win-win situation.

Tamlite Lighting is based in the Midlands, with seven manufacturing facilities operating out of Telford and Redditch. From our centralised location, we are on hand to deliver the ideal lighting solution quickly and efficiently for a range of warehouse, logistics and industrial applications. Explore the website for more information on our wide range of case studies.

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