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Tamlite have updated the TBX range, with the introduction of two new products.

TBX is a Tri-colour batten ideal for retro fitting to existing T5 and T8 fixtures. TBX can significantly reduce energy consumption in fluorescent lighting systems at a minimal cost, by replacing existing light fittings in situ.

Two New Models
TBX NB has a narrow beam optic to point high-precision light directly downwards, below the fitting. This makes the TBX NB ideal for racking aisle areas in commercial / industrial environments, as the focused light illuminates the whole aisle. By focusing the beam down the aisle, none of the light is wasted on the top of the racking, or in other irrelevant areas.

TBX LG has a Low glare I-Tech diffuser. This softens the light from the TBX, to make it more applicable to commercial and human-centric areas. It is crucial that spaces regularly occupied by people are illuminated with low glare solutions. Polycarbonate diffusers ensure that the output of the fitting is not compromised, but the light does not cause discomfort to anyone in the room.

The TBX range is supplied with Tri-colour easy switch technology. The desired colour temperature can be switched between Neutral White, Cool White and Warm White quickly during the installation process, making it ideal for commercial areas, retail stores or communal spaces.

The expansion of the TBX product range is a demonstration of how Tamlite continue to innovatively create new lighting solutions, ensuring that our products can perform in any environment.

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