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REVO - High output, modern luminaire with sensor control

Introducing the REVO, the new solution for our retail and leisure sector. This high-output, fully customisable luminaire can provide a complete lighting experience for large stores and sports spaces. The REVO has a choice of seven beam angles, to ensure that no light is wasted, and allows the location of illumination to be specifically tailored. Optic and diffuser versions of the REVO are available, giving a choice of strong or softer lighting for additional customisation of the lighting system.

This aesthetically-pleasing suspended light is designed to provide more complete lighting for large retail stores. The REVO includes an uplight panel to provide total lighting cover, including on the ceiling above the fitting. Applicable for large retail stores or sports spaces, the versatility of the REVO can revolutionise how large spaces are illuminated. Connected lighting options mean that the whole lighting system can be controlled from a single source, and the REVO is compatible with connect lighting. The three-hour emergency rating of the REVO provides safety and security if power is lost.

The REVO has a 158 lumen per watt efficacy, plus the option of sensors, DALI or dimmable technology. This means that the REVO is a low-energy light fitting, and can reduce consumption. The REVO is low-maintenance, with a simple wiring system that can allow the light to be repaired without removing it from the area in which it is suspended. It also comes with a 5yr warranty and an IP20 Rating.