Nottingham City Homes

Tamlite Lighting enables LED lighting transformation for Nottingham City Homes independent living project

The lighting provision at Garfield Court and Courtney Gardens has been extensively revamped as part of Nottingham City Homes’ ongoing modernisation of its independent living facilities.

The last few years have seen Nottingham City Homes (NCH) pursue a major project to improve the quality of its independent living accommodation throughout the Nottingham area. The latest beneficiary of the ‘Grander Designs’ scheme is Garfield Court in Radford, where multiple common areas – including corridors, day rooms and toilets – have been comprehensively refurbished and modernised.

To date the Grander Designs programme has improved the living conditions of more than 700 residents. Work is undertaken at around eight sites per year, with the replacement of fluorescent and other legacy lighting systems with the latest LED technologies being a common thread of the refurbishments.

Shane Ainsworth, Senior Electrical Technical Officer at NCH explained that the motivation for the latest upgrade was multi-tiered. “On one level there is a broader strategy across [NCH sites] to reduce their carbon footprint, but there is also a specific budget in place for the replacement of older lighting types with the latest LEDs. Integral to that is an emphasis on identifying the most energy efficient fittings,” he says.

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