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LUX review Tamlite ambitions and achievements

Ambitious Tamlite targets rapid growth in the UK

John Allden explains why he thinks Tamlite has been so successful in the past 50 years, and predicts growth for Tamlite over the next five years.
The Tamlite General Manager spoke at LuxLive. He gave his thoughts on the lighting industry as a whole, Tamlite’s current position within the industry, and the way Tamlite is adapting to the dynamic world of lighting.

“I’d like to think we can be 50% bigger than we are today” said the general manager, when asked where he saw Tamlite in the next five years. He feels that the manufacturing capability that Tamlite has, and the significant recent investments in products and workers, should see a bright future for the company.

The various changes occurring at Tamlite were also laid out in more detail. Tamlite has invested in a new specification and projects team to oversee their direct specification work. The LED revolution has led to a lot of energy conscious and “smart” lighting systems, and it is believed that around “60%” of Tamlite products fall into that category.

John Allden also discusses the challenges faced by the lighting industry, which he believes are the pace of technological change, the increase in sub-standard products and managing customer expectations.
He feels that the LIA method of randomly testing products within the lighting market is a solid strategy to ensuring that products are of the quality required for the UK market.

The multitude of new products that were launched at LuxLive were also referenced, as Tamlite unveiled the EXPLORER, I LINE and REVO.

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