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LIAQA accreditation

Tamlite Lighting achieves LIAQA accreditation at its seven main UK factories

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s largest privately owned lighting companies, has been awarded Lighting Industry Association Quality Assurance (LIAQA) accreditation at its seven main Midlands factories.
Tamlite was a founding participant of the all-new and improved LIAQA scheme, and has been commended by the LIA for its dedication to high standards.

The LIAQA scheme aims to ensure that suppliers of lighting and lighting related products have a system in place that fully addresses product compliance. This highly robust industry-specific quality management system is regarded as a mark of confidence across the industry.

For customers, the LIAQA scheme helps to ensure best practice and provides reassurance that quality is a key component of the complete design and production process. Companies like Tamlite who have achieved accreditation will have demonstrated that a series of vigorous processes and procedures are in place to ensure the highest possible standards.
Supporting the scheme is an important priority for Tamlite’s senior management team, and the company invested well over £100,000 in state-of-the-art, specialist test facilities in readiness. Three Tamlite factories were awarded LIAQA accreditation across 2015-2016, and now a further four in 2017.
In an unprecedented move, these final four factories underwent the full auditing process more or less all at the same time. A decentralised and autonomous company structure around dedicated product disciplines and practices facilitated the Tamlite Lighting management team being able to perform at 100% of LIAQA requirements at each operation simultaneously.

Commenting on the QA process, Paul Sargent, QA and Training Development Manager at the LIA said:
“Tamlite has been committed to the LIAQA scheme since its inception, and since taking part in the pilot scheme two years ago their input has been invaluable in helping us shape the process to best meet industry needs.
“It is very unusual for us to audit four factories over the same period, and I am impressed at the huge amount of work and investment that the Tamlite team put in to achieving this ambitious goal. Tamlite’s dedication to quality systems and processes means the customer can be reassured that their products are of a consistent quality and meet all of the required compliance directives.”

John Allden, General Manager at Tamlite commented:
“This is an outstanding result for Tamlite Lighting and gives our customers confidence that our production processes have been independently verified and meet the high standards of Europe’s largest trade association. We share the LIA’s values of promoting excellence and best practice in the lighting industry, and this achievement has demonstrated this.”