Kirklees College - Project

Yorkshire FE college saves 48 tonnes of CO2 with energy-efficient lighting upgrade

  • Kirklees College was looking for new lighting that would provide better light, lower maintenance, and greater energy efficiency.

  • An installation of the latest LED and T5 fluorescent lighting from Tamlite has dramatically reduced the lighting energy consumption at the college’s Dewsbury Centre.

  • • Annual savings: £8,385 in energy bills; 48.6 tonnes of CO2.

Kirklees College in West Yorkshire is saving more than £8,000 a year on its electricity bills as a result of a project to upgrade the lighting at its Dewsbury campus to the latest LED and T5 technologies from Tamlite Lighting.

As one of the biggest further education colleges in the country, with more than 20,000 students enrolled at its various Yorkshire campuses, Kirklees College inevitably has a high energy demand. Providing good-quality lighting for its thousands of students naturally forms a big part of this energy demand. So when the college’s Dewsbury campus was looking to reduce its energy consumption, upgrading the lighting was identified as a key area to target. It was crucial, however, that the quality of light did not suffer at the expense of saving energy.
“We were really looking to achieve a triple whammy with the new lighting,” comments Ian Richardson, Estates Manager at Kirklees College. “Better light, lower maintenance, and cheaper to run, due to greater energy efficiency. We knew that we wanted very energy-efficient products. However, we also had specific demands for colour rendering, to be sure the new products gave off a clean, white light that reproduced colours faithfully.”

Past experience
Based on past experience, Kirklees College chose Tamlite for its new lighting. “We’d had a good experience with Tamlite products in the past,” says Ian Richardson, “and our local CEF supplier always gives excellent service. While weighing up the options for new lighting, I was able to visit Tamlite’s showrooms and factory in Redditch, in order to get a true idea of the quality of the products.”

Assured that it had selected the right light for the job, Kirklees College carried out an extensive overhaul of the lighting across its Dewsbury Centre. This involved installing 578 low-energy lighting products in classrooms, offices and corridors across three of the building’s five floors.

Balancing energy saving with light quality
The installation included more than 100 MOD-LED panels, featuring a 600mm x 600mm profile and the latest LED technology to achieve a typical lifespan of 50,000 hours. Fitted with an opal diffuser and LEDs that boast a colour rendering index of 75 Ra, the LED panels balance energy saving with excellent light quality.

Elsewhere, the college opted for low-energy T5 fluorescent lighting, installing the EXCEL range of recessed modules. As an energy-saving advance on old-style parabolic louvres, which produced ‘tunnel effect’ lighting, the new-generation EXCEL range benefits from soft cut off, due to mix of diffuser and white trim around the louvre.

CO2 reduction
For Kirklees College, the resulting energy savings have been significant. Tamlite estimates that the college has lowered its energy bills by a staggering £8,385 a year, which equates to an annual carbon saving of 48.6 tonnes of CO2.

“We’re very happy to have achieved such substantial energy savings,” says Ian Richardson of Kirklees College. “Staff have commented that they like the new lighting. And the service we’ve received from Tamlite and CEF has been excellent.”

Finding a careful balance between improved energy efficiency and quality of light has allowed Kirklees College to continue to provide a motivating learning environment for its students – but with a much lower energy burden.