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Aston University - Project

Aston University saves 13 tonnes of CO2 with LED lighting upgrade

During a refurbishment of its IT labs, Aston University in Birmingham installed LED lighting and presence detectors from Tamlite Lighting, reducing its lighting energy consumption by a staggering 88%.

Aston took advantage of government-backed financing in the form of the Salix Revolving Green Fund to address the outdated T12 and T8 fluorescent lighting in the university’s three IT suites. With Aston aiming to reduce its CO2 emissions by 48% by 2020, LED was identified as the most energy-efficient form of replacement lighting.

“I visited several LED suppliers and came to the conclusion that Tamlite offered the best value and product combined,” comments Andrew Bryers, Energy Manager at Aston University. “Using a combination of LED and presence detection technology, Tamlite was able to create for Aston University a lighting scheme that delivered payback in just four and a half years – well within the criteria for Salix funding.”
In its IT labs, Aston installed 60 of Tamlite’s Infinity TM LED panels, controlled by 8 Vision 103 passive infra-red sensors. “The IT labs are not in constant use,” comments Mr Bryers. “However, with students coming and going at all times of the day and night, the lights tended to be left on permanently. In the past, this was a source of energy waste that we just had to deal with. But the Vision 103 presence detectors have changed all that. Now the lights are only on when they’re actually needed.”

As a result of the project, Aston estimates energy savings of 26,000kWh, which translates to a financial saving of £2,200 every year. Plus, Aston has shaved 13.6 tonnes of CO2 from its annual carbon footprint – an important contribution to meeting its carbon-reduction targets.