Tamlite welcomes Government’s ‘high street task force’

Tamlite welcomes Government’s ‘high street task force’ and calls for a focus on lighting as part of the solution

High Streets Minister Jake Berry MP has announced a panel of experts to diagnose issues that affect the health of our high streets. The task force’s objective is to provide advice on the ‘best practical measures to help them thrive’.

Tamlite’s retail team warmly welcomes the initiative. There is little doubt that the panel, chaired by Sir John Timpson, Chairman of Timpson, will provide a much-needed focus on what consumers and local communities want from their high streets. Interestingly, the review will look in detail at the current challenges and work out options to ensure our town centres remain vibrant.

Sir John Timpson’s comments about the panel’s work echo with our thinking.

“The panel cannot offer an instant, quick fix solution but we hope to identify practical and common sense decisions that will help the government offer the support that local communities and businesses need, in order to provide the leisure and shopping facilities people will want 25 years from now.”

From our own experience, we believe it is absolutely essential for all parts of the retail supply chain - which of course includes the lighting industry - to actively engage with this debate.

Customer experience
More and more retailers are waking up to the many operational benefits associated with the latest LED lighting technologies. However, there is still more to be done to get the message across that there are benefits other than energy savings. As such, Tamlite is actively working with retailers (and those involved in store design and brand experience) to help them understand that a focus on improving the physical environment and customer in-store experience is critical to commercial success.

For example, new-generation LED lighting solutions will deliver improved light quality – including exceptional colour rendering as well as a much more pleasant look and ‘feel’ to the stores. It’s all about thinking in a ‘human centric way’: enhancing the environment to maximise customer experience is key, creating an environment for customers that online shopping can’t provide. We need to use lighting to create a warm and appealing space – so that shoppers focus on the products and displays – rather than the space around them. Carefully designed lighting can enhance customer moods, as well as direct customers to displays and show product in the best light.

Rallying call
The Government’s focus on retail is much needed and offers a chance to shine a light on examples of how high streets can meet the challenges of changing consumer behaviour in an evolving retail environment. A holistic response and support from all of us involved in the supply chain will mean we are better placed to collectively deliver on the Panel’s objectives.