LOGIK - The Next Generation of Office Lighting

Contemporary multi-cellular design minimises visible glare, creating the ultimate workplace lighting solution.

The striking luminaire design of the LOGIK is more than just an aesthetic style, it revolutionises the way we eliminate glare in the workplace. The recessed cells have exceptional optical control, delivering an improved level of illumination in comparison to a flat panel, while preventing visibility of the LED chips themselves. This makes the LOGIK the ideal solution for low-UGR office designs, and is compliant with BS EN-12464-1.


Achieving up to 130 lm/W and with a lifetime of 60,000 hours (L80/B20), the LOGIK delivers the very best efficacy for a recessed module, utilising high performance LED boards and lighting controls.

Available with Tamlite Vision Smart 

Wireless systems like Vision Smart are becoming the future of controlled lighting networks, offering far more than just energy savings. Browse our range of control systems to find the network that suits your facility, to see how your lighting can do more.

Glare Compliance

Visible glare can cause severe problems for people in the workplace, particularly if experienced in the long term. The LOGIK reduces visibility of the light source, removing the prevalence of discomfort glare, creating a comfortable working environment and ensuring compliance with BS EN-12464-1.


With enhanced optical control and multi-cellular design, the LOGIK achieves up to 3m spacings and a UGR rating of as low as 14.9 in a typical office lighting design, benefitting both performance and the user experience. This ensures that significantly fewer luminaires are required in comparison to traditional fluorescent fittings.

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