Lemonpath, Leicester
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Lemonpath, Leicester

Tamlite boosts energy efficiency and quality of lighting at Lemonpath warehouse in Leicester.

Lemonpath is a full logistics service provider, based in Leicester, specialising in contract packing. Operating out of its substantial warehousing space, Lemonpath offers storage solutions for a range of companies, as well as packaging for commercial products.

One of the warehouses underwent a significant refurbishment, replacing the racking aisles, providing new flooring and installing an upgraded lighting system. The aim of the new lighting system was to reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as create a workplace that benefits people.

Tamlite Lighting were specified for the project, delivering the new lighting system to the requirements of Lemonpath with minimal disruption to productivity.

Lighting for Warehouse and Logistic Environments

The new lighting system was implemented throughout the warehouse, in the racking aisles, contract packing area and loading bays. Tamlite designed the system to enhance uniformity and reduce glare, improving the working environment for employees.

Tamlite specifically designs its warehouse luminaires to deliver the best optical control, in order to reduce visible glare while sufficiently illuminating racking aisles and workspaces.

At Lemonpath, this was a crucial aspect of the lighting design, ensuring that worker wellbeing was not compromised by the improved light output of the upgraded luminaires.

In the contract packing spaces, where staff remain in one area throughout the day, working on specific tasks, the low glare lighting system is complemented by skylights, providing additional natural illumination. This demonstrates the ideal task lighting space, which delivers a uniform light distribution as well as plenty of natural light, to reduce shadowing, avoid eyestrain and enhance worker wellbeing.

Controlled Energy Savings

The lighting upgrade consisted of replacing fluorescent fittings with the latest Tamlite LED luminaires. However, to achieve the best possible energy efficiency, PIR sensors were also specified.

This ensured that aisles were only illuminated when required, reducing the time that luminaires are in use. This reduces the energy consumption and improves the lifespan of luminaires, providing long term energy and maintenance savings for Lemonpath.

Emergency Lighting

As with any warehouse and logistics space, safety is paramount throughout Lemonpath. In the event of a severe emergency or loss of mains power, emergency lighting is required to highlight the quickest and safest route out of the building.

In warehouse and logistics spaces, emergency lighting is often at higher elevations, so requires a higher output in order to achieve the required 1 lux on the ground in escape routes, 0.5 lux in open areas and at least 10% of normal illuminance in task areas (as per BS 5266 requirements).

Tamlite delivered luminaires with integral emergency variants, ensuring that occupants could easily identify escape routes out of the building if required.

If you have any questions about the lighting system in your warehouse or logistics space, contact Tamlite’s expert lighting team.

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