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Toyota HQ, Epsom

The Toyota (GB) Head Office in Epsom, Surrey, was built in 2001, responsible for sales, marketing, and customer relationships nationwide, for one of the most well-respected car brands in the UK.

The office has been ranked in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For, going the extra mile to take care of its employees, and enhance wellbeing for its staff.

To this end, Toyota has made efforts to improve the outdoor and exterior areas of the site. This includes the stunning architectural office building, wildlife areas for employees to walk through while on breaks, and a high-quality urban lighting system, connecting the building with the car park through a canopied walkway.

Contemporary Aesthetic Design

Tamlite Lighting was specified for the connecting walkway, providing a lighting solution that significantly lowered energy consumption in comparison to the previous traditional fittings, and created an aesthetically pleasing visual display. The improved illumination from the lighting upgrade also boosted feelings of safety for staff and visitors.

Linear floodlights illuminate the ground, while high output spotlights direct the beam to the top of the canopy. The result is a stunning visual effect, befitting the modern, original design that defines the rest of the site.

Clive Webster, Facilities Manager at Toyota HQ, commented, “Our primary aims for the project were to improve aesthetics in the exterior space, as well as achieve energy savings over our previous lighting system. We are happy with the outcome and it meets our expectations.”


The Role of External Lighting

As well as helping people to see where they are going and avoid hazards, good quality urban lighting provides a feeling of safety for pedestrians, removing shadows and dark spots to keep people fully aware of their surroundings. CIBSE guidelines suggest that urban lighting should be around 30 lux, to remove shadowing and allow facial recognition, which is a key factor in boosting the feeling of safety.

In addition to illuminating the walkway, Tamlite also supplied lanterns, providing sufficient illumination either side of the passage, to ensure that the entire journey is well lit and comfortable.

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