East Float Quay, Birkenhead
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East Float Quay, Birkenhead

East Float Quay is a residential complex, consisting of two buildings and 170 spacious apartments, in the historic docks of Birkenhead. The converted mill is situated in the docks with a stunning view of Liverpool across the River Mersey. Each apartment has allocated, secure car parking. Outdoor security is one of the most important factors to consider in residential areas. Car parks, and the surrounding space, must be well lit to ensure that people feel safe at all times. Plans for the surrounding area include restaurants, shops and cinemas, so the outdoor lighting must be sufficient to keep the whole space safe and secure. Outdoor lights must also be aesthetically pleasing. As the quay begins to play host to several shops and restaurants, the lighting must be great to look at, without being intrusive. Tamlite supplied the quay with several lighting solutions, including the stylish exterior products, APOLLO and HURRICANE. These are modern, efficient fittings, perfectly suited to carry out different roles in an exterior environment. The APOLLO floodlight was ideal for pathways and car parks, with its suspended mounting and non-intrusive light. The HURRICANE was important for the wider areas such as car parks, to keep them well lit. Bollards were also supplied, to act as stand-alone lights away from the walls. The FRESCO bollard was chosen, due to its high output and symmetrical light distribution, making it the perfect solution for paths and pedestrian areas.

What we used
  • EUROLUX product photograph
  • HURRICANE product photograph
  • FRESCO product photograph