Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Aylesbury
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Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Aylesbury

Tamlite upgrades luminaires to bring lighting up to a professional standard at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Stoke Mandeville Stadium and Guttmann Centre was first opened in 1969, and is often hailed as the “Birthplace of the Paralympic Games”, due to its association with Ludwig Guttmann, who determined the benefits of sport for those with serious spinal difficulties.

The Stadium hosted the Paralympic Games in 1984, and underwent a £10 million refurbishment in 2003. The Sports Centre, now owned by WheelPower, specialises in providing the optimal gym facilities for those with a disability, as well as for able-bodied people.

As part of a recent refurbishment at the stadium, the lighting throughout the main building and associated Olympic Lodge was upgraded. The primary aim of the project, carried out by Tamlite Lighting and supplied by CEF Uxbridge, was to reduce maintenance time and reduce costs.

Jay Hogg, Technical Manager at Stoke Mandeville, believes this has been met, “We were constantly having to change fittings, if it wasn’t the lamp that was going it was the ballast, so we decided to upgrade to LED with Tamlite, which has made things much easier for us.”

An additional benefit of the upgrade led to significant energy savings at the stadium, as well as vast improvements to the quality of illumination, bringing up the standards for both professional and amateur sports players, gym-goers and visitors.

Lighting for Sports

The sports hall at Stoke Mandeville hosts a number of sports at professional level, including netball, basketball, badminton and football.

The previous lighting in the sports hall delivered an average illuminance level of 100 lux, with the lowest recording measuring 85 lux.

The new lighting solution, designed by Tamlite’s technical team, means they can host a range of competitive sports and activities in accordance with Sports England standards. The lux levels were dramatically improved, and the uniformity ratio boosted to above the required level of 0.7.

The Tamlite lighting design utilises the EXPO high bay, with its superior optical control and performance providing the ideal playing environment and enhanced spectator experience.

Jay Hogg, goes on to say “Previously, the lighting was distributed unevenly in the sports hall, with no sense of uniformity and so there were dark patches and shadows throughout. The new Tamlite EXPO installation provides much better uniformity and boosts the lighting levels up to professional sports standards. In addition, this has been achieved using half the quantity of fittings previously installed, therefore saving energy”

The spacings and performance of the EXPO in the sports hall also allows for the court to be split into 4 sections with equally uniform lighting, important if a number of classes or matches are taking place concurrently.

Gym Lighting

Tamlite also specified an upgrade in the free weights section of the gym, and in the class studio. The level of illumination in these areas had previously been too low, particularly in the studio. In conjunction with the existing colour scheme, the environment has been transformed to create a vibrant and motivational experience for the class-goers.

In addition, changing rooms and showers were supplied with IP rated recessed modules, that will reduce the overall maintenance time and costs.

Communal Lighting Solution

As well as the sporting facilities on offer, the popular café was upgraded with stylish pendant luminaires, providing a comfortable environment for visitors and gym-goers.

The Olympic Lodge is an onsite hotel with over 50 living rooms and a range of meeting/conference facilities. Throughout, the rooms have benefited from significant upgrades, providing substantial improvements in terms of the level of illumination and aesthetics, creating a much more enjoyable experience for visitors.

Emergency Lighting

The emergency lighting solution had to satisfy the majority of visitors who are likely to not be familiar with their surroundings or may need additional support, should they need to vacate the facility due an emergency or loss of mains power.

Tamlite exit signage was installed in key locations to comply with BS5266 throughout the site. The emergency lighting solution included integral emergency variants as well as dedicated emergency lighting.

The sports hall, with high ceilings and large open areas, required a high output emergency luminaire in order to deliver a minimum of 0.5 lux in an emergency. The Tamlite Twinspot was specified to achieve this illumination and ensure compliance with emergency lighting regulations.

If you have any questions regarding the lighting in your sports facility, contact our expert lighting team.

What we used
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