Snowdome, Tamworth
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Snowdome, Tamworth

Built in 1994, Tamworth Snowdome was the first recreational indoor ski slope in the UK, and has become a popular attraction throughout the Midlands, ideal for beginner and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

The complex also includes a gym and swimming pool, providing more activities for visitors to enjoy at the Snowdome. As part of a move to enhance the light output throughout the building, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, Tamlite Lighting was specified to deliver a lighting system throughout the slope and pool areas.

Lighting for Sports

The Tamlite lighting system utilised high output, high bay luminaires with quality optical control, ensuring that people have a full view of the space in front of them, while minimising the risk of visible glare which can distract or disable them at a critical moment. This is particularly important when visitors ski, snowboard or toboggan down the 170m slope at high speed!

The exceptional optics of the EXPO high bay luminaires that Tamlite supplied for the slope made it the ideal Snowdome solution. The EXPO delivers a uniform distribution, ensuring that light does not bounce off the snow and cause injuries as a result of glare, while creating an authentic and enjoyable ski-slope experience for visitors.

In the swimming pool, floodlights were installed, directed upwards towards the ceiling. This configuration is recommended by Sports England for swimming pools, providing uniform lighting throughout the pool area and reducing the risk of visible glare for swimmers.

Every pool requires careful consideration and planning in order to achieve the ideal lighting design. It is not just swimmers that require the right level of illumination, spectators and life guards need to be able to clearly see what’s going on in the pool in order to maintain safety.

The lighting design in the pool area at Snowdome was accentuated by Tamlite’s asymmetric beam floodlights and high-quality LED boards, creating the ideal environment.

Maintenance Savings

Maintenance of high bay luminaires can be a lengthy task, enforcing the need for luminaires that reduce this process. Traditional light sources require replacing within two years, and doing so can be an inconvenient and costly process. Down time and/or out of hours maintenance can be particularly costly for any business, and Snowdome recognised the benefits of a high quality LED lighting system.

The installation of IP54 rated luminaires in the slope area and IP66 rated luminaires in the swimming pool, in conjunction with Tamlite’s high quality drivers and LED boards, ensured almost zero maintenance at the Snowdome.

The replacement of the previous halogen-based system also led to significant energy savings for the Snowdome. This meant that the ongoing running costs were dramatically reduced throughout the facility following the lighting installation.

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What we used
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