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YO! Sushi - Russell Square, London

London and Leeds YO! Sushi Sites Benefit from Tamlite LED upgrades

High-efficiency Tamlite LED lighting solutions have been installed in five leading sites operated by the popular Japanese food restaurant chain, provided by ESolutions.

The relationship between good lighting and retail sales is long-established, so it stands to reason that most leading operators regularly review their lighting infrastructures, in order to take advantage of the latest technologies. As the result of one such refurbishment exercise innovative restaurant chain YO! Sushi now sports high-efficiency Tamlite LED lighting systems at three sites: two in London (Russell Square and St. Paul’s) and one in Leeds.

While work at the Russell Square site was more comprehensive, the upgrades in Leeds and St. Paul’s were focused on the belt areas, where customers are seated. The requirements were clear yet exacting, calling for a lighting solution that could cover the full 40m length of the belt areas and be supportive of easy colour changes via one central controller.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in restaurants. Creating an ambience and customer experience that enhances the meal is key, ensuring that visitors return to the branch again and again. The lighting at YO! Sushi is tailored to meet their characteristic branding, giving customers the environment that they expect when they visit at YO! Sushi restaurant.

ESolutions SY Ltd was engaged to carry out electrical refurbishment at these sites as part of a refurbishment roll-out for design-and-build contractor Matrix IDC Ltd. Jamie Jones, Managing Director of ESolutions, explains that the ability of Tamlite lighting to meet the aforementioned requirements was integral to its selection for the YO! Sushi sites; but there were other benefits too.

“The Tamlite LED RGB lighting ticked all the important boxes,” confirms Jones, “but it was also apparent that, thanks to a design that is conducive to easy installation, the fit-out of their products would be quicker and easier than other comparable LED RGB lighting systems. And that proved to be the case.”

Integrated into one centralised controller, the new lighting infrastructures allow colour changes to be made quickly and easily. The RGB strips cycle through every colour, which provides a vivid lighting design at the tables. This fits in with the style and aesthetic that YO! Sushi is renowned for.

Downlights were also supplied at a number of sites, which increased the lux levels at the serving areas, maintaining the distinctive atmosphere. The overall quality of illumination in these areas has also improved markedly, whilst the restaurants’ owners can look forward to benefiting from significant savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance.

Jones confirms that YO! Sushi is “very content” with the results of the Tamlite Lighting upgrade and anticipates further such projects in the near-future. “The ESolutions team is very impressed by the performance and quality of the Tamlite LED lighting, and we will be selecting and installing it for other clients too,” he says. “I also believe that YO! Sushi will wish to install Tamlite systems elsewhere as they are happy with the final look of what has been installed.”

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