Cork Airport, County Cork
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Cork Airport, County Cork

New lighting flying high at Cork Airport!

Cork Airport, Ireland’s fastest-growing and most punctual airport, saw over 2.6 million passengers travel through the airport in 2019.

In order to create a welcoming space for those beginning or coming to the end of their trip, facility managers at the airport wanted to improve the aesthetics throughout the terminals and exterior spaces.

The lighting was identified as a key method of improving the departure and arrival lounges, ensuring that the space is in keeping with the prestige and style of the airport itself. It was crucial that this enhancement was made prior to the Christmas period, in which over 100,000 passengers were expected to visit the airport.

Cork airport wanted to provide passengers with significantly improved lighting levels and a much more alluring visual aesthetic, complementing the large windows, wooden beams and skylights.

Tamlite Lighting were specified to carry out the lighting upgrade. Tamlite designed a lighting solution based on the brief from the airport, and delivered it on time and to full specification.

Airport Lighting

In order to achieve an enhanced visual appeal, illumination levels needed to be significantly increased.

In order to comply with lighting standards, the new Tamlite system has dramatically improved the level of illumination throughout the passenger spaces, increasing to the required level in the airport lounge.

The new lighting design has led to a marked changed in how the airport looks and feels, greatly improving passenger experience, and creating a more positive working environment for staff. In addition, the creative architecture and vibrant colours of the shops and restaurants in the lounge areas has been amplified, drawing additional customers.

Boosting Airport Security

In security areas, lighting standards recommend that illumination and CRI are both high, ensuring that facial recognition is facilitated. This makes the job easier for security staff, as visibility and clarity are improved. In the bag check areas, the Tamlite lighting system achieved the required illuminance, boosting safety in the airport.

In addition to the high bay luminaires fitted in the passenger buildings, external lighting was installed in the 24-hour car parks and drop-off zones. This boosted lighting levels, enhancing feelings of safety for pedestrians and ensuring that they can find their way into the terminal buildings.

For more information on what Tamlite can do to light your airport, contact our expert lighting team.

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