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Tame Street Depot

Tame Street Depot is a council-managed facility in Stalybridge, Tameside, completing MOTs for a range of vehicles, including cars, buses and HGVs.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (Tameside MBC) wanted to reduce energy costs throughout the Depot, and recognised that a lighting upgrade would lead to significant short-term reductions in energy consumption, while advanced lighting controls would enhance these reductions in the long term.

There had been problems with the previous lighting system, which utilised T5 fluorescent tubes. These were contributing to significant maintenance costs, and as fittings went out this was having serious detrimental effects for workers, who need to be able to clearly see what they are doing when working with heavy machinery.

Tamlite Lighting were specified for the lighting upgrade, which was carried out by M Group Construction. Andrew Foden, Director at M Group, commented, “We chose Tamlite due to their reputation. We wanted the assurance of a UK-based manufacturer, who have a 5-year warranty on all products and are on hand to help should there be any problems, and this is what we explained to the customer.”

Industrial Lighting Solution

Tamlite delivered a lighting solution comprising of high output, high efficacy luminaires, utilising the latest Tamlite Vision Lighting Controls.

“Previously, staff would come in and switch the lights on to full output at the start of the day, and switch them off at the end, 14 hours later,” said Andrew Foden. Using Tamlite Vision Controls, the busier areas of the Depot are only illuminated to 80% when occupied, and the storage areas only reach 40% output when required.

As a public organisation, it was important for Tameside MBC to demonstrate that it is focused on energy efficiency and saving money.

The initial switch to LED lighting, plus the additional lighting control solution, has led to a total saving of at least 78% in terms of energy costs.

Improved Light Output

In addition to the substantial savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs, the new Tamlite scheme also greatly improved illumination throughout the Depot. With wide-beam optics, the lighting system provided an optimised light distribution, removing shadows and boosting safety throughout the site.

In industrial applications, worker safety is paramount, so an evenly distributed light output ensures that people can see exactly what they are doing at all times. The lighting design, created in partnership with CEF Ashton, ensures that there are no dark spots throughout the Depot.

Andrew Foden finished by saying, “We wanted to use British-made products from a reputable British brand for a local council lighting upgrade, and the clients are very happy with the outcome.”

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