Lear Corporation, Coventry
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Lear Corporation, Coventry

The Lear Corporation, celebrating its 100th year in 2017, is a leading producer of seating and electrical components for automobiles. Its factories require appropriate lighting, to ensure that the work is carried out correctly, but also safely. There are dozens of machines in every factory, constructing and fitting parts and components. The priority, therefore, is to ensure that every worker is kept safe at all times.

The MODLED and XTREME were the products of choice for this project. Both are supplied as (4000K) neutral white, however the MODLED has the option of warm white (3000K) and cool white (5000K), to provide more choice depending on the immediate environment. These products have exceptionally high light outputs, however have relatively low energy consumption. Both products are also exceptionally easy to install, which made the process run more smoothly.

What we used
  • XTREME product photograph
  • MODLED 126 product photograph