Anord Mardix, Dundalk
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Anord Mardix, Dundalk

Anord Mardix achieve the ideal industrial working environment with Tamlite Lighting Solution.

Anord Mardix is a provider of power distribution and protection equipment, with global manufacturing sites. It has recently opened its new purpose-built factory in Dundalk, Ireland, which has seen a significant upgrade to the previous facility on the site.

The aim of this upgrade was to bring the building up to the high standards of Anord Mardix. To further enhance the suitability of the building, Tamlite Lighting were specified to design and supply a lighting system for the manufacturing spaces.

With over 100 members of staff at the plant, ensuring that the lighting was cohesive to worker requirements – such as wellbeing and productivity – was crucial, while also keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Industrial Factory Lighting

One of the main changes to the Anord Mardix factory in comparison to the previous building was that the roof had been significantly raised. This allowed the construction of a mezzanine, and gave a more open feel to the assembly rooms and plant space. As a result, the roof height differed throughout the building, the lighting system therefore needed to be flexible in order to accommodate.

Tamlite provided a lighting design which included EXPO high bay luminaires. These could be delivered with a range of lumen outputs, ideal for the varying heights. Anord Mardix specified 500 lux at ground level throughout, high uniformity (achieving an average Uo of 0.65 in the main area) and consistent illumination in the assembly, powder coating and welding spaces, as well as low glare lighting in the loading bay.

With specifically designed optics, the EXPO ensures that light is directed only where it needs to go in the factory. This enhances the efficiency of the lighting scheme, meaning no light is wasted and in addition, the quality and uniformity of illumination is improved.

To further boost energy efficiency, luminaires were fitted with PIR sensors, designed to reduce the time of use of each fitting when not required. This was a critical feature, as certain areas of the plant are not in use at all times, reducing the reliance on human intervention and remembering to switch off the light switch!

Further controls were implemented in the form of daylight dimming sensors. These work in conjunction with skylights and windows, only reaching full output when there is insufficient natural light. This minimises energy consumption, increases the lifespan of the luminaire and reduces maintenance expenditure.

Urban Lighting – Car Park

In addition to the interior of the factory, the car park lighting was upgraded with high performance Tamlite PLAZA luminaires. This attractive post-top lantern is designed to allow workers and visitors to safely navigate the car park during darker months, while minimising light pollution and upwards illumination.

The luminaires utilised for the urban lighting system were required to be robust and withstand high impact and weather conditions often encountered on the East coast of Ireland.

Anord Mardix were delighted with the outcome of the project, particularly the enhanced illumination and assurance of reduced energy costs in the long term.

What we used
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