Young Dentist Academy, Birmingham
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Young Dentist Academy, Birmingham

The Young Dentist Academy is a centre that helps dentistry students take the extra step to improve their career prospects. Situated in Birmingham, West Midlands. Dentistry is a complex practice, and requires utmost concentration from students. The lighting in such an environment must be powerful, to ensure that students can see exactly what they are doing, however it mustn’t dazzle people, as that can lead to a dip in concentration.

When the showroom upgraded its lighting system, the chosen products were MODLED and the ULTRA downlight. These solutions carry out very different tasks in the showroom. MODLED is a recessed module, meticulously designed to reduce glare, and maintain performance in a classroom environment. ULTRA is a focused downlight that can provide powerful light in a more specific place, such as where demonstrations are taking place. Both products are supplied as neutral white (4000K), and have the option of warm white (3000K), but the MODLED can also provide a cool white temperature (5000K). This ensures that the solutions are more customisable for the end users.

What we used
  • ULTRA product photograph
  • MODLED 126 product photograph