Celesio UK, Coventry
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Celesio UK, Coventry

Celesio UK are responsible for the safety of their staff, so quality emergency lighting was paramount. Emergency lighting ensures that there is sufficient illumination for their employees to vacate the building quickly, in the event of an emergency or a loss of mains power. Tamlite standalone emergency luminaires were supplied, as well as a range of luminaires with integrated emergency. These are particularly important in corridors and stairwells, to ensure that people are able to see as they make their way out of the building. Emergency luminaires at Celesio UK were designed to be subtle, blending into the interior design, ensuring that they are visually pleasing as well as functional. Click to also see Full case study, Industrial or Communal application images of this project.

What we used
  • ELITE SL product photograph
  • EMLUX product photograph
  • EXIS product photograph