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Winnington Park Primary School & Nursery, Northwich

Classroom lighting should aid focus and guide attention at the board, to keep concentration levels up

Winnington Park County Primary School and Nursery teaches pupils from 3-11. With almost 300 students at the school, Winnington Park recently expanded and completed the development of a brand-new block on its site.

The fully furnished building contains an array of classrooms, main hall, reception areas and offices, as well as several individual toilet rooms. With wide open lobby areas to give enough space for pupils and staff, the new building has been designed to provide the ideal learning environment.

The school required a lighting solution that would emphasise the generous space in each classroom, creating a comfortable environment as well as harnessing natural light.
Tamlite Lighting solutions were supplied to the school, in the new building. These solutions are the very latest in lighting design, to ensure that Winnington Park was given the right lighting system.

Learning Environment

The classrooms were supplied with Tamlite HORIZON COMFORT luminaires. These are fitted with the Tamlite LG1 I-Tech central opal diffuser, which provides light exactly where it is needed.
It is important when lighting classroom spaces that there is sufficient illumination for students to work, and not for the light to be directed at a desk or directly at a person. Classroom lighting should aid focus and guide attention at the board, to allow pupils to concentrate throughout the lesson.

Light distribution at the front of the classrooms was angled to illuminate the whiteboard, allowing the eye to focus naturally, making it easier for children to see and concentrate. Avoiding eye strain is key when promoting concentration and aiding learning, particularly in young pupils. Children who are easily distracted can benefit from a high quality lighting system that reduces flicker, glare and eye strain, mkaing it easier for them to focus, and making the school a more inclusive environment for all pupils.
The comfortable light distribution of the HORIZON COMFORT complements the daylight from outdoors, providing a bright, natural environment, which can allow the schoolchildren to flourish.

Communal Spaces

Communal spaces often go from one extreme to another; hallways, for example, can be busy with lots of students moving from one classroom to the next, to being empty during lessons. Lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, ensure that the lights are only on when required, to reduce energy consumption for the school.

Reception areas are where first impressions of the school can be made, therefore the role of lighting needs to enhance and create a welcoming and pleasant environment. The foyer spaces were fitted with stylish downlights and striking panels, to give the space a modern, contemporary feel. This makes the communal areas stand out, while also remaining functional.
Stairwells and toilets were also fitted with bright, yet subtle fittings, providing enough light for children to remain safe in bathrooms, and ascending or descending the stairs.

Emergency Lighting

As with any facility, emergency lighting in schools is a top priority, keeping the lighting in accordance with BS 5266 on emergency lighting design. Children and staff need to be kept safe at all times, giving parents the peace of mind that their child will remain safe at school. Emergency lighting must be fit for purpose and work when needed, as in emergency situations it is vital that the lighting helps staff and students find the quickest route out of the building immediately.

Classrooms, corridors and the lobby spaces are fitted with EMLED emergency light fittings. These recessed solutions provide illumination on the floor to highlight escape routes and exits.
Integrated emergency options were chosen for the solutions in the stairwells, and EUROLUX luminaires were installed in the main hall of the building. These high output emergency fittings are ideal for the main hall, as the fittings are at a high mounting height, so the fitting must be powerful enough to allow people to see their exit routes.

The solution was supplied on time and to schedule. Kathy Wood, Finance Bursar at Winnington Park, said “We are happy with the new lighting system. It has achieved everything that we set out to do, which is to provide a great environment for our pupils.

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What we used
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