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Darlington College

Delivering a future-proof lighting solution to inspire young minds at Darlington College

Darlington College is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to provide progression for students as part of their move to higher education.

A major part of providing the best learning experience comes from the environment in which students learn, interact and live – Darlington College recognised that creating the right environment comes from enhancing the aesthetics, and an improved lighting system is central to this.

The college set about planning an upgrade and modernising the entrance which includes the atrium and food court area: the key student and visitor spaces upon entering the site. The main driver behind the lighting upgrade was to significantly reduce energy consumption – as part of an EU-funded £1.9m move towards a greener facility and achieve long-term net zero goals.

The lighting was used to accentuate the new contemporary style of the spacious, modern entrance area – developing it into an innovative, inclusive space for students to connect, collaborate and relax.

Hitting Net-Zero Targets

The new lighting design featured Tamlite’s high performance SAPPHIRE XL – fusing performance with a contemporary style to meet the stylish brief set out by Darlington College.

The combination of the high output LED module and the wide beam optic of the SAPPHIRE XL ensured that significantly fewer luminaires were installed than had previously been in place – whilst delivering outstanding illumination for the building occupants.

The reduction in energy consumption goes a long way towards helping Darlington College achieve its long-term net-zero targets, and to becoming a greener, sustainable facility.

The Importance of Aesthetics

Lighting plays a number of roles in education spaces: the performance of the light fixture, the very aesthetic of the luminaire itself, and the quality of light output in the space.

Delivering a system that was aesthetically pleasing and an inspiration for students was essential for this project at Darlington College.

James Butterfield said, “We wanted to make sure that the new system was in keeping with our current aesthetic – the lights needed to look as good switched off as they did when they were switched on.

“Since the new lights have been installed, staff and students have commented on how much brighter and more appealing the space is, which is exactly what we were trying to achieve.”

The new Tamlite system significantly enhanced the style and ambience of the entrance, making it more comfortable for students, and creating a great first impression for prospective students and visitors. During a difficult year for those in education, it is important that they are made to feel comfortable and welcome whilst working and learning.

What we used
  • SAPPHIRE XL product photograph