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The future of low glare lighting

ADVANCE, the latest in recessed luminaires

Wellbeing... The I-Tech diffuser reduces glare, candela's <3000 m2, preventing dazzling and distraction in the workplace, to promote employee wellbeing.

Performance... Latest optical control to maximise your spacings and maintain uniformity, fitted with a DALI driver for daylight harvesting or scene selection, as well as providing an efficacy of up to 120 lm/W.

Style... With a contoured diffuser, elegant design and backlit illumination, ADVANCE is more than just a flat panel, effortlessly enhancing any environment.

Full output


The images above illustrate how ADVANCE reduces energy consumption in communal spaces. When the room is occupied, the luminaire is at full output. However, ADVANCE is dimmed when the room is unoccupied, enhancing energy savings by reducing the time of use. In communal areas, the lighting cannot be fully switched off, so must remain at a dimmed level until it is occupied.

Our most advanced recessed module yet!

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